Valentine's day seems to bring out the Victorian romantic in even the most modern individual. Lace and ribbons, flowery prose and flowery designs combine to create a token of affection from one person to another. While most people pick up an appropriate card at the store some of use diehards still make Valentine cards by hand. It isn't difficult to cut hearts, glue lace and thread ribbon to make the perfect Valentine but sometimes an additional touch is needed.

The silhouettes of the couple centered in the hearts add that special touch that would be perfect for Valentine's day, save the dates or even anniversary invitations. While the profiles are traditionally created by cutting black paper today it is easy to achieve the look with a computer and a photo editing program.

The directions shown are with a free program found on the net but any editing program will work.


  • heavy text weight paper
  • card stock


  • computer
  • photo editing software (I used paint.NET that is the name of the program NOT the URL )
  • printer
Step 1

Take profile shots of the couple making sure the background is plain. In this case I have placed a baby doll against a plain wall. Nobody around here wanted to pose so the doll was drafted for the project.

Step 2

Us the magic wand to select the background (this program turns the selected area blue).

Step 3

Cut the background away. (In this program it is necessary to click 'edit' and then 'cut')

Step 4

Crop the picture so only the head and shoulders are left. (Here you need to use the selection tool and then click the crop icon.)

Step 5

To turn the photo to a silhouette us the brightness and contrast options so that the images has no contrast and no brightness. Some programs need this step done twice to make sure the image is black and not just dark gray. (Here click adjustments, brightness/contrast and then slide the bar down to -100 for the brightness and slide the bar up to 100 for contrast.)

Step 6

Clean up the image so that the silhouette is as you want it. You may wish to round off the neck/shoulder area as it is on the valentine at the top of the page. Print the page and cut out the silhouette. HINT Print on the paper you are going to use on the valentine so if you leave a bit around the edges it blend in. Use heavy text weight paper or light card stock for printing so the ink doesn't saturate the paper.

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