Instructions for the Round and Long Looms

Knifty Knitter loom sets usually come with instructions from the manufacturer, but if you've lost, misplaced, or simply never had any instructions, you can find them here. There are basic instructions for the round, long and rectangle loom sets.

You may also download the .pdf file from the Provo Craft website (links below). Be sure to check out the free instructions for basic sock and hat patterns and the videos to answer any questions you may have.

Round Loom Knifty Knitter Instructions

Instructions to Use the Round Knifty Knitter Set

Knifty Knitter Round Loom Instructions The Knifty Knitter round looms come with a set of instructions. If you are looking for the originals you can get that .pdf file here:

Round Instructions PDF

Knifty Knitter Round Set Instructions
The round loom instructions assume that you will making a hat with the round looms. They begin by stating that the blue loom is for babies, the red for young children, the green for young adults and the yellow for larger adults. Do not make the mistake of believing this! You will never make a hat that fits a baby with the smallest round loom (blue). It is generally used in patterns for making socks and mittens. I made a hat with it once and it was barely big enough to fit my child’s smallest doll (much smaller than most baby’s heads.)

The instructions show you how to do the basic ewrap stitch to make the hat. In traditional knitting the ewrap is called the twisted stockinette stitch. It is one of the most common stitches used in loom knitting and can be done on the round, rectangle or long looms.

Knifty Knitter Instructions for a Round Loom Scarf
Although most people think of the round looms for hats, you can also use them for scarves and other projects. In fact, if you leave a peg open as you knit and simply knit back and forth (clockwise, then counter-clockwise), instead of continuously around the loom, you will make flat panels of knit. So, you can knit flat panels in the round, rather than just tube knitting socks and hats.

Although we usually think of long looms for scarves, you can also knit scarves on the round looms. Here is the pattern for a round loom scarf:

Instructions for a Tube Knit Scarf in the Round

How to E Wrap a Knifty Knitter

Instructions for the Basic E Wrap on Video

Instructions for the basic e wrap on a Knifty Knitter.

Long Knifty Knitter Instructions

Instructions for the Long Looms

Knifty Knitter Long Loom Instructions The Knifty Knitter instructions PDF link for the original manufacturer instructions that come with the long Knifty Knitter loom set are HERE.

The long loom instructions begin by explaining how to make a figure 8 wrap scarf. You can also find those instructions here with photos:
“How to Make a Figure 8 Wrap Scarf”

The stitch used to make the scarf is called a “cross ribbing stitch” in traditional needle knitting. The Knifty Knitter instructions assume that after you’ve completed your first scarf project that you will understand a few things about loom knitting: That is:

1. Every project begins by wrapping the loom with yarn. This is called “casting on.” The most basic cast-on is the e-wrap.
2. Every knitting project uses the yarn wrapped on the loom to “knit off.” This creates the knit. There are many ways to knit off, you can knit off one loop over one, one over two, etc. Changing the method of knitting off changes the finished look of the project.
3. Every loom knitting project ends with removing the knit from the loom. This is called “binding off.”

To learn more about the basic, “cast on,” “knit-off,” “cast off,” steps visit:
How to Use the Knifty Knitters

After explaining how to make a scarf, the instructions that come with the long looms explain that there are three types of knit that can be made:

1. Single - Knitting a panel back and forth across only one side of the loom
2. Double - Wrapping back and forth across pegs on the top and bottom of the loom to knit a double thickness panel
3. Circular - Knitting continuously around the loom in a circular motion to form tube knit.

The photos below should help visualize the different ways the loom can be used to make single, double and circular knit. Also, in the photos below is a close-up shot of a scarf knitting using the “figure 8 wrap” that comes with the Knifty Knitter instructions.

Photos Comparison of the Ways to Knit

Figure 8 wrapped scarf knitted on the long loom

How to Eight Wrap a Long Knifty Knitter

Video Instructions to Eight Wrap

If you are using the long looms and wondering how to wrap them, or “cast on,” this video shows you the eight wrap. This wrap is given in the Provo Craft instructions for how to knit a scarf.

Rectangle Loom Instructions

Knifty Knitter Rectangle Loom Instructions Here is the link to the manufacturers Knifty Knitter Instruction PDF for the rectangle looms:

Rectangle Loom PDF

As with the long loom instructions, these are truly instructions to make a figure 8 wrap scarf. The instructions do explain that you can knit by wrapping with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn as if it were only 1 strand of yarn. It says it is “best” to do this when loom knitting. Using 2 yarns as one will yield a heavier knit. I knit winter garments with 2 strands of yarn and spring or fall garments with only one strand. It is a lighter weight knit, that is practical when the weather is cool, but not cold.

Finally, the rectangle instructions show that you can only knit 1 or 2 layer panels on the rectangle loom. In other words, rectangle looms aren’t for making circular tube knit. Why? If you look at the long looms (not the rectangle loom), you can see that there is a peg at each end spaced in a way that allows you to use it to continue to knit around the loom without having too much space between stitches. The rectangle looms do not have these end pegs and you cannot knit around the side of the loom without skewing that stitch in the finished knit. So, rectangle looms are for flat panel knitting only. You cannot create tube knit on a rectangle loom.

Instructions on Video

Video Instructions for Loom Knitting Basics

If you are brand new to loom knitting, it may be very helpful to check out some of the Knifty Knitter videos available online. Here are two of my favorite videos from YouTube. The first is a basic overview of how to use the looms. The second is video instructions to knit a scarf.

Knifty Knitter Instructions for a Hat

Instructions to Make a Hat on the Knifty Knitter

Knifty Knitter Instructions for a Hat Generally, the round looms are used to make hats. Theoretically, it can be done on a long loom, but the round looms simplify the process. From the set of four round looms the largest loom (yellow) is used for making adult hats, the second largest (green) for childrens hats, the medium round loom (red) is used for making baby or doll hats. The smallest (blue) round loom, is typically used for socks and mittens. In addition to knitting hats with the largest three looms that come in the round loom set, Knifty Knitter also sells a “hat loom,” specifically for making adult hats.

General instructions to Make a Hat

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Knifty Knitter Instructions

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  • flyingeagle344 Apr 09, 2014 @ 10:21 am
    I have tried and tried to knit with needles and the loom is faster and easier. I have done a sweater for a toddler,and blankets, and made a teddybear using the looms.
  • Jezebel Jack Sep 13, 2013 @ 11:06 am
    Provocraft has taken down their Knifty Knitter site and now redirects to cricut! I sent them an email and they said they were focusing on cricut but were 'considering' bringing the KK patterns back up - basically a brush off from them. However, maybe if enough people contact them and ask them to put them back up, they will... Worth trying!!!!!!!!!
  • Donna Aug 06, 2013 @ 2:17 pm
    Dog ate the instructions for my rectangular Knifty Knitter and the link/website for Provo Crafts only provides info on the Cricut! Help!
  • kimadagem Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:37 pm
    About the little blue loom - I agree with you, the only baby hat it would make would be for a preemie. And for socks, I think maybe just kids; the sock I made wouldn't fit me and I have fairly narrow feet. I would love to try the next size up for socks but haven't been able to find one yet (I bought the blue loom by itself at a thrift shop and later found the 2 largest ones in the set there, but those are too big).
  • mercedes Jan 25, 2013 @ 8:19 pm
    gracias por permitir ver como ce hace ls diseños a mi me han mandado el estuche de diferentes tamaños una amiga y es muy vonito y util tanbien tengo el lago el grande ese me resulta un poco dificil
    yo soy peruanamuchas gracias
  • Bonnie Jan 15, 2013 @ 11:53 pm
    I am trying to finish a hat that when I am finished I do not make the last the top but the bottom of the hat. How do I take it off the loom? The pattern doesn't tell me that.
  • Betty Gentry Nov 04, 2012 @ 7:03 pm
    Do you have picture instructions for joining two colors of yarn together,
    written instructions at my age aren't enough (78) Could you please
    email me a copy. I use my loom to make hats for the soldiers in
    afghanistan, three years now. Tying is messy.witpurple
  • Alice Severson Nov 01, 2012 @ 4:48 pm
    Iv'e knitted 2 scarves and some how on I noticed I've reverse the stitches on both pieces. I begin just fine with knit rows on one side then the knit rows end up on the opposite side of the scarf. Don't know what I'm doing to cause that. On both pieces, however, I've missed wrapping a peg and had to rip stitches out and do them over. I'm guessing some how I'm doing something wrong at the re-wrap point. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • DeanAnn Oct 26, 2012 @ 12:31 pm
    I would like to do the single layer with the rectangle loom but for some reason I'm not sure how to do it. I see the picture but it doesn't show the next row. After casting on what is next. I've done NUMEROUS hats with the round loom and love it but want to expand. Thanks
  • Kristy Aug 02, 2012 @ 3:19 pm
    I'm making baby gran squares for a baby blanket. I'm having trouble with the closing the end of row gaps instructions. How do you do it?
  • Jun 09, 2012 @ 5:23 pm
    You certainly are the Knifty Knitter expert and you are here to answer all the questions anyone might have on their projects.
  • May 04, 2012 @ 5:14 pm
    It is fun to do but I can't figure how to take it off the round Knitter
  • Dawn Dec 02, 2012 @ 9:41 pm
    Thread your plastic needle (that came with the KK) w/18" of yarn and use it to take the loops off the pegs (as you used the hook to pull the bottom row over the top row). If you are finishing what you take off as the top of the hat, pull the two ends of the yard together and triple square knot the two ends.
  • shirley crittenden Mar 14, 2012 @ 6:21 pm
    how do i use the long 22" loom to make a afghan?
  • Leann Jul 21, 2011 @ 4:22 pm
    how do I end the scarf?
  • HSSchulte Sep 06, 2011 @ 1:25 pm
    On a round loom, pull the last loop through the loop before it. On a long loom, start with the last loop and follow the path of the yarn back to the beginning, pulling each loop through the loop before.

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